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We are a thrown together, half assed, 10 man raiding guild. We are where the bad alts play!!!

~"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity"


Guild Rules

This guild site has been moved and is no longer being updated..please visit us at

1. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-8:30 sever time. Invites begin at 5:15. Wednesdays will be the weekly raid and random runs at 5:30 server time(this is optional).

2. If there is an issue with loot that arises it will be addressed with guild officers who will determine all final decisions.

3. If a piece of gear drops that is cloth, leather, etc..classes that can only wear that type of gear will have first roll. If no one chooses to roll and a class that can wear a higher type of gear wishes to roll because the piece is still a stat upgrade then they may do so. Main spec will always have first rolls on loot the offspec will will be able to roll accordingly.

4. If there are performance issues (following instruction, poor behavior, etc) that you are reminded of, this will lead to a strike. After 3 strikes the member may be asked to sit out for a period of time, removed from raiding during that particular run, or removed from future runs until such time that the issue has been resolved.

5. Vent behavior must be considerate to those around you. Remember that if you don't know those in vent with you be on best behavior. Treat it like customer service :) We enjoy having fun and cracking jokes but do it with mutual respect for each other.

6. If we end up with too many raid members for a position, you will be asked to roll for that position. The lowest roll will sit out. However, we reserve the right to bring the classes or specs that will ensure the best chance at succeeding.  No one will be asked to sit out for two consecutive weeks.

7. There will be a five minute break halfway through raid. Remember bio's, beverages, etc. prior to raid. Consistent or problematic afk's may lead to removal from raid. It is not fair to affect a whole group over issues with afk players. When the break is over, a ready check will be initiated. Unless prior notification is provided, anyone not ready at that time will be subject to substitution with someone else who is able to continue with the raid.

8. Issues related to guild or game play must be addressed with guild officers and not in vent or guild chat. If a member /gquits they are out. There will be zero tolerance for guild rage or gquitting! Members are free to run with any alts in guild as they desire as long as that role is needed. Pulling a main toon without notice will be considered gquitting and forfeits your spot within the guild.

9. If you confirm your spot on the ingame calendar and fail to show at raid time, your spot will be filled. If this becomes a consistant problem you will be considered an alternate. Members are also expected to show up for raid prepared. This includes being repaired, having appropriate pots and flasks, and other consumables.

10. Members are responsible for checking forums and guild site for changes and updates.

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Here is some info on Sindragosa from StratFu and Tankspot. Of course it all depends on the strategy we go with but may be helpful.
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